Queenstown Accommodation

Stunning accommodation in Queenstown, offered by owner/operator Alex McMillan, now boasts three unique destinations with an attention-grabbing landing page to tie them all together. Our focus was on creating three very distinct yet complementary websites to connect the quality and standards of excellence to be experienced by a stay at each location.

The landing page is a feature page that provides anyone looking for Queenstown accommodation with three of the very best options: http://boutiqueaccommodationqueenstown.co.nz


The landing page lets you select the accommodation that best suits your style, directing you to a website for each. Each individual website links to the other two websites options for a convenient view of each.

At Historic Stone House Boutique Apartments, the website has been styled around this beautiful, circa 1874 building, which offers accommodation for up to 12 guests and is only 2 minutes walk from Queenstown central: www.historicstonehouse.co.nz


And only 5 minutes walk from the heart of the city is the small boutique hotel, Chalet Queenstown. With a style that ties in to it’s counterparts, the website for Chalet Queenstown presents it’s unique features including stellar views, gourmet breakfasts and more: www.chaletqueenstown.co.nz

chalet_queenstown_750THE PADDOCK
The newest offer for your choice of the best Queenstown accommodation, is The Paddock Straw Bale Luxury Holiday House. The Paddock is a delightful and eco-friendly holiday house, situated at Arthurs Point, just 5 minutes walk to the Shotover Bridge. Visit the website for more holiday-tempting photos of this stunning destination: www.thepaddockqt.co.nz


If you have a destination that must be visited and experienced, be it accommodation, a bar or restaurant, adventure experience or more, and want to showcase your business in a style that presents your business to it’s highest standards, we’d love to hear from you. We can tie in multiple destinations with a style that allows each to be unique, like the sites above, or we can create a stand-alone website to capture audience attention with a truely unique presentation.

We’d love the opportunity to hear about your business, contact us today.

Central Medical Oamaru

Central Medical celebrates 20 years since it’s establishment by Dr. Steve Dawson and Dr. Jon Scott, with a stylish and simple website to better communicate with patients and visitors.

The new responsive website features an appointment form, prescription form and enrol.ment form for new patients, as well as all their important information such as opening hours, contact information, fees and services in one professional and accessible location: www.centralmedicaloamaru.co.nz


ActivateMail for Professional Business Newsletters


Activemail500We make it simple to create beautifully designed newsletters that enhance your brand.
 Keep your customers up to date with your latest products, news, specials and events.

With modern marketing techniques, businesses these days need more than just a website. To be a competitive, well recognised brand you need a strong online presence. Your online presence may incorporate a wide range of tools to raise awareness of your brand and educate your customers; including search engine optimisation, social media, online advertising and email marketing.

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP : Use your social media tools to direct followers to your website where
you can showcase the full range of your products and services, invite contact direct from
your website and offer a sign-up to your newsletter. Emailed newsletters offer you more control of how, when, and to whom you market your business.


  • We can create a custom newsletter template to compliment your business, brand and style.
  • You can build and save multiple newsletter drafts until you’re ready to send them.
  • You can easily import your contact lists as subscriber lists, and sort your contacts into multiple
lists to target the right information to differerent groups.
  • View real-time statistics from each campaign to gauge areas of interest.

For more information on ActiveMail, visit our website for our ActiveMail Email Marketing System.

If you have any queries we’d love to hear from you, simply contact us today.


Trail Journeys

The complete cycle trail service provider, this team has got the trails covered! Visit the new Trail Journeys website for itinerary planning and booking service, as well as bike hire options and additional services.

The new responsive website features a tours database featuring a wide variety of New Zealand cycle trails. Visit the new website and be inspired to adventure: www.trailjourneys.co.nz


Simplifying Social Media

It seemed appropriate on an overcast, rainy day like today, to write about simplifying your business marketing techniques and making your online marketing easier. We all get stressed, we all get tired, and none of us enjoy the monotony of doing the same tasks over and over, so how can we make your business marketing more enjoyable? Here are some steps to assist. Simply skim through for some rainy-day ideas to maintain your business marketing and encourage brand recognition with a minimum of effort.

rainy_day_blogNumber 1: Ensure you have a website that you can edit, anytime you want, easily.
You don’t want to be paying a website company to make changes for every little thing, it’s smart marketing these days to get a website that you can edit, and a bonus if your website is simple for you to make changes to. If and when you’re on the lookout for a new website, or to transfer your existing website into a better, more accessible system (cms), you can ask to see the working site – the admin panel – to see just how easy your new website will be to edit, and make a judgement call from there.

A lot of ‘open source’ content management systems (open source means it’s a publicly available system) have been developed with programmer-use in mind, rather than end-client use, so they can be quite technical to use. If your website is hard to edit, you’re not likely to use it, so invest in a website for your company that is simple and straightforward to edit. Quick note – open source cms are more likely to be at risk from hackers, whereas a less common system may be much more secure because it’s not being targeted. One thing to check if you take the path of the non-open source system, is can your new website be hosted anywhere or is it locked in to the one host provider (and their hosting rates)? Ensure you have options!

Number 2 : Designate a member of your team, or yourself, to be overall responsible for updating your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or any other business social media.
For your piece of mind, ensure at least one other person knows how to update your social media. Another good tip is to ensure all access details, links to social media and passwords are saved in a location that management can easily source. A major stress you can avoid is staff leaving and taking valuable knowledge such as your businesses marketing techniques and access details with them. Change passwords when this happens, it’s not a matter of trust it’s just simple good sense.

Number 3 : Use Social Media regularly but mix it up.
I suggest to clients to make a note on your calendar, once a month, and go into your website and add something. Update something. Make a change to the text and even add a new image. Of course this is easier if you have a blog on your website which will easily format your latest news for your online audience. You can also mix it up by updating Twitter one week and Facebook the next, then back to your website Blog. Remember the aim is to direct people back to your website – the platform from which they can access your full company information and contact you direct.

Rainy_day_cafeNumber 4 : Find a nice, inspiring space to update your website.
On this rather grey and uninspiring day, heading down to your favourite cafe with your laptop seems like a great idea. You may even find other business people doing the same thing and updating their website in the comfort of a sloppy chair with latte in hand. The atmosphere may inspire further creativity, and while you’re surrounded by people busy living their lives and surfing the internet, it may open your perspective of the  real website audience that may be visiting your website regularly.

Number 5: Have a purpose.
Whether you are teaching people something about your business, introducing a new product, making a price comparison or perhaps inviting people to an event, your content must have a purpose for being. No one wants to know what you had for breakfast – unless you make breakfasts and are welcoming people to your cafe to try for themselves!

Rainy_day_textNumber 6: Keep it short.
(Keeping it sweet is optional.)

An ever-increasing number of people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices. From iPads to Mobiles to Laptops, even watches now! Make sure that your information and website updates are accessible to all.

For example, I’m out and about today, caught in the rain, wanting to know where the nearest drycleaner is located – can I view your website on my smartphone? Will I find you quickly and easily with a search for “drycleaners queenstown central” or will I have to scroll through ten pages of out of town drycleaners before yours comes up? Know your website rankings, check them. If you can’t find your website from a keyword search it’s a good idea to contact your website & design agency to find out about their search engine optimisation (seo) services to ensure your website is easy to find on relevant, keyword searches. Your website audience is not going to look through ten pages of search results to find your website, they may not even be willing to look through more than two.

Lucky Number 7: Make updating your social media and website fun!
If something noteworthy happens in your business, write it down to blog about it later. When you’re in the moment thinking; “okay now I must blog”, the ideas may not come. But notes taken at a time when you were inspired will help. So will looking around at what’s happening in your industry. If you’re a restaurant and you see that other restaurants are offering specials for an upcoming fesitival of holiday event, you may be inspired to do the same in your own unique way. Looking for inspiration on the web is a great way to jump start your enthusiasm. As I said before, you can go somewhere different to blog, re-locate to another room, cafe or park to update your website.

Social Media should be fun. It should be simple and straightforward and it should be something you do regularly for the benefit of getting your brand out there, letting people know who you are, what you’re doing and how you can benefit them.

I welcome you to contact us here at Activate Queenstown if you wish to have a chat about anything mentioned above, and what we can do for you to make marketing more enjoyable.