Website Development with Activate

With Activate Queenstown you can have confidence in budgeting for the design and advertising components of your business. Free consultations and advise and quotes are provided before work is commenced.


In our website design and development process we will work in partnership with you to achieve exactly what you require within your budget.

STAGE 1 - Initial Meeting

Both our designer and our developer will meet with you to discuss your website, either in our board room or your preferred location. We will discuss a design brief and development requirements. In this discussion we will cover with you:

  • Ideas and preferred designs that you would like to see.
  • General menu structure and number of initial pages needed.
  • Additional functions you need.
  • Time frames and budget.
  • Hosting and email requirements. It is recommended that we host and look after your site for you, but this is not necessary.

STAGE 2 - Quote

After the initial meeting we will prepare a quote for your website which will be emailed to you with a break down of costings. On approval of this quote and a 50% deposit received we will proceed with your project.

STAGE 3 - Design

Our designer will prepare a website design for you. This usually consists of three pages, home page, content page, contact page. This design will be put up on a temporary domain for your viewing only. This design will be a demo of your new website appearance, there will be no functionality at this point. Typically, content will be 'placeholder text' and 'placeholder images' indicating the general layout and appearance of your site. We can add a temporary 'under construction' page with your logo and contact details to your real domain.

When you are ready, you can contact us with design changes needed. We will make these changes and resubmit the site design to you. Upon approval of the design by you, we will proceed to the development phase of your site. This usually takes a couple of weeks (depending on size of project). During this time it is advised that you provide us with your content text for the pages and images required.

STAGE 4 - Development

Our website developer will integrate your new design into a content management system (cms), set up the navigation and layout, and populate the site. If required, we will setup a hosting account for you and setup your email accounts. This may require a scheduled date to 'switch over' from your current host to our own servers. We will contact you about this to provide a seamless transition.

STAGE 5 - Content loading

Once your site is built and functioning we will load the initial content as supplied by you. Then it is time to 'go live' with your new website!


Your will be invoiced at this point for the agreed quote. It is advised to schedule a free meeting with us where we will walk you through how to login and edit your own content. To manage your own content you will need to familiarise yourself with the content management system. Alternatively we can look after content and future site-changes for you. This will incur small fees charged purely on a time basis.

Website Terms and Conditions

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